Dima Cinema is a cultural cooperative created in 2019 with the objective of setting up and promoting cinematographic initiatives in Algeria (Whether it is the organization of cinema events, the setting up of Capacity Building programs for cultural actors, or the impulse of a young generation of Cinema Critics).

Inscribed in a field reality, the team of “Dima Cinema” works to rethink the distribution of film based on already existing and active energies. We are convinced that, just like the cinematographic creation in Algeria, its diffusion will have to be based on alternative and new processes in order to reach the largest possible public.

Our action aims to allow the Algerian public, whatever its city or village, to know a whole part of Algerian (or foreign) cinema still invisible today on the big screen. In other words, our ambition is to highlight current or old cinematographic works, to bring together film makers with their audience, and to encourage debate on the meaning of the images shown with the appropriate speakers and animators.

Our values :

  • A collegial mode of operation : the creation of networks in
    The respect of the independence of those who constitute it.
  • Ethics : through debates and image education activities.
  • Inclusion : through the cultural conquest of territories that were previously neglected.

Our objectives :

  • To impulse synergies : the creation of a network of cinematographic diffusion by leaning on various independent actors, mainly cine-clubs, activating in the middle of the cinema in Algeria and their setting in network.
  • Networking in North Africa : building bridges with national and international film actors. Dima Cinema is working to establish partnerships in North Africa in order to address common issues related to film distribution.
  • Capacity building : to support existing structures through the provision of certain tools necessary for their development, as well as the impulse of new cinematographic initiatives of emerging structures.